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FOM Recruiting

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Hello, I am the leader of the FOM gang, we are a group of close friends that enjoy having fun over anything else. The age range in our group is 18-22 and we would prefer if you were in that age range as well. We are trying to expand the group because we want to meet new people in the community and have some more people to have fun with. we have a dedicated discord and do other things besides Altis life. We also do combat ops and missions in Arma that are extremely fun and we always have a good time. We also play other things besides Arma, ranging from Total Wars to Minecraft. But the main emphasis on joining our group is the comrade-re. We have a blast no matter what game we are playing and we want to give some people a chance to join a close knit group like this. 

  We are not trying to recruit a lot of people so we are only looking to add three new members but exceptions may be made. I will take this post down when we find who we are looking for so as long as it is up feel free to join our DC :https://discord.gg/q6tqbb

Hopefully talk to you guys soon!


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