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DeadTurtle Here!

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Hello hello! Name's DeadTurtle! I am 28 yrs old, I live in NYC, I love turtles, pizza, and bourbon[break1][/break1] I was playing a lot of island life thanks to my friend, it was just a really buggy game and I couldn't enjoy playing because it kept crashing[break1][/break1] I dropped the money on Arma 3 and here I am[break1][/break1] I hope to play as a medic one day, a really enjoyed playing an ESU on Arma 2, my application is in so fingers crossed on that, til then I will be farming peaches for money and might get a mining license, who knows[break1][/break1] Gotta pay the bills you know[break1][/break1] Hope to see you all in game! Forgive my typos I am on an iPhone[break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1] I hate this small keyboard[break1][/break1]

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