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sup everyone my name is (Ted) [break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1]Deputy Derps[break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1]if im playing civ or pd im always a blast to hang with my civ is a druggy out of control who likes to kill while he is high do not trust him he has no boundries and is often found robbing the bank high with no weapon[break1][/break1][break1][/break1]my pd though is dedicated to the force and with my amazing aim and hard work and dedication you can trust that i will always have your back and will always be on point when shit hits the fan[break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1]in general im just a easy going guy i suffer from (insomnia) and no im not just saying that im actually a victim to this cruel disease so you can find me online alot[break1][/break1][break1][/break1][break1][/break1]i grow pot for a living (its legal ) where i live [break1][/break1][break1][/break1]colorado so if your looking to meet new ppl or just have a crazy freind to hang out with im always around altis doing some of the most entertaining of things [break1][/break1] [break1][/break1] [break1][/break1]

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