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Pringle Mccringleberry - Your Potato gun was under powered...

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Thanks for coming back, you didn't have to because Arma was killing you randomly but it was for Role Play's sake. And Doritos won over Potatoes last night.. just fyi. 

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but i have to say the pringles dont have ridges and taste so well and made from potatoes and doritoes get stale fast just saying lol


Paw.... no no no .... I thought you were gonna be on my side lol. Hey what happened to your APD tag? Did you leave the force? I haven't seen you in a while. 

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Plz we all know Potatoes are the bomb and Doritos are bad plz just admit it


.... When you go to a 7-Eleven and try the Doritos Loaded... you tell me.... YOU TELL ME! 

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