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Hey! I have a few names online, but in arma I usually go by my alias Evan Winters (or simply Evan). In other places I go by Gazelle or Gaz. Either or, I usually respond to either. I have 2,356 hours in arma mainly from milsim groups I gamed with, but I started arma playing life servers back in 2015. Kinda grew away from them as the server I usually gamed on slowly died and faded away but I have recently craved the arma life experience again and have found myself a nice little place among the Olympus community. Really enjoy engaging in roleplay and making backstories for my characters to interact with others and just goof around with the RP. Hopefully I'll catch y'all in-game sometimes as my amnesiac character Evan trying to figure out his real name and if he is human or not.

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