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Hi I'm FoxMamaFTW

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Hi I'm FoxyMamaFTW and I like to play medic and unintentionally blow up little birds, ps I dont hack.

FAQ down below

(I don't have a kik)

1) Are you Jesus? Depends how much you pay me. alt answer Im 90% Jesus ;))))))

2) Will you sign my left nipple? Depends how much you pay me.

3) Will you use yer 1337 hax0rz to boost my cash flow? Depends how much you pay me.

4) Do people really ask you these questions? No, Im just super bored.

5) Is your answer to almost everything, depends how much you pay me? Depends how much you pay me.

6) Can I be your friend on steam? Depends how much you pay me.

7) Are you gay? Depends how much you pay me.

8) Do you think anyone will read this? Nah porbably not, but whatevs maybe some loser will wanna read it.

9) Is that you in your profile pic? Yeah that was me sawggin out at age 4

Feel free to ask more questions, jk no one asked me any of these, but it would help if you kidz would ask some. Oh you want PC specs too? Well here they are!

133 mhz Pentium 1

16 mb RAM

Windows 95


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