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K3control (Kole) Introduction


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The name is Kole, I come from Asylum after being recommended to come stay on this island from my best friend Colt. I come from large city in Altis known as Kavala. My parents owned a large piece of land out in the country where I quickly learned how to become a peach farmer. But unfortunately during the recent economy fall from the unprofessional Altis government my parents hit a patch of money issues. We didn't know what to do so we spent our money on some illegal marijuana seeds and planted it in our fields to make some quick income during our family crisis. Ever sense then I have been addicted and spent all of my money on it as my father cut me off from taking from our family weed field. But when I ran out of money from buying pounds after pounds I ran into a man named H Money aka Gangsta C. H Money taught me how to get back on my feet by chopping cars. We ran our own chop shop downtown for a while, and made a fortune. Shortly after that we had to run and change our names so no one will ever know who we actually are. We then ran to Lakeside and stayed there in till I resigned from Senior Support and now we decided to come back to Altis to do some naughty things and we saw how Asylum changed their economy so we came here to Olympus :)


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Little did the people Know. I was trying to get Kole to come here for the longest of time. Welcome bb, make sure you pick up yo phone aswell. Im coming to pick you up on Monday or Tuesday ish....

PS. You only got Senior Support cause I promo'd you!

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