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Hello Everyone!! Fin McCool here!

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I've been playing a few weeks here and met some great people so I decided to up root from Asylum and move here[break1][/break1] I enjoy the RP and the server community is amazing[break1][/break1] I love all the characters that make up this server[break1][/break1] The Rebels doing snatch and runs for hostage rp is awesome, the Cops do run things where they are around, and for the most part the RDM is a minimum compared to most places[break1][/break1] I look forward to playing here and If anyone wants to team up for anything look me up in game[break1][/break1] Im also looking to join an active clan[break1][/break1] I'd be happy to change my RP or play style to fit a fun clan[break1][/break1] Yes my name is from an awesome Irish Pub in New Orleans, Louisiana USA! Peace Out! Fin McCool

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