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Just a quick question.

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To elaborate and quote Hades from a different thread.


It can be considered RDM or VDM depending on the situation. You are not allowed to just randomly shoot at vehicles without proper RP. If the vehicle has no one in it or around it then no RP can be done.


 3. No Random Vehicle/Item Destruction or Manslaughter

  1. Randomly ramming another vehicle for no reason
  2. Shooting a vehicle just to blow it up
  3. Using a vehicle to flip and/or blow up another vehicle
  4. Using a vehicle to ram and destroy a building for no reason
  5. Using spike-stripes or barriers to blow up vehicles or cause manslaughter.
  6. Using spike-stripes or barriers to cover vehicle or faction spawn-points.



Quoted from: http://olympus-entertainment.com/forum/index.php?/topic/739-question-regarding-rdm/

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