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Locked Bubbalo

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Listen i valued olympus more than any of u i was on the sever before any of u and i don't want to here any of ur bullshit that i don't value it loved olympus when zeus was chief of police and Ace but when mcdili and peter long and u joined the sever it ruined everything u can say its nothing about mc but look at the staff and sr. pd its all mc ur fucking butt buddies that cant value a community all u value is yourself and yalls gang. u can never be as good as olympus was in its prime with three severs fully packed it was amazing but now with this retarded ass staff and pd u will all crash and burn. so to this and ur lack of leadership i say fuck all of the staff and sr pd except poseidon and the almighty Fedot 

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This attitude and the aforementioned reasons is why you are not coming back, keep in mind this decision was made by all of us. Also, it's Bubbaloo ;). Good luck in your future endeavours! 

Also, don't spam more posts as I'll moderate your forum account. 

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