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4 minutes ago, Deadbag said:

Well thats a nice way to have all the ppl that donate get all the perks for the ppl who dont

Yea! Thanx Bohemia!!!!!

No really we did awhile back. But Bohemia prohibits this. Has to be a perk for everyone now.

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9 hours ago, Talindor said:

I dished 310, I wish I will dish more when I can. I think I dished a little more not to sure.

Wait does that mean everyone now has access to large boxes?

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Just now, DanteFleury said:

We've all had access to large crates since the middle of the month roughly as a monthly perk. 

Sorry im kinda autistic

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9 hours ago, Deadbag said:

Its a good way to piss the donators off and get less donations. There are no perks for the ppl that dish out hundreds of dollars. 


If you donated back when you still have your perks.

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