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  1. Top Kek, overrated book like overrated Goodman.
  2. I also have proof that this is based on antissemantic views held by Goodman. He planted speed bombs on only Jewish members cars.
  3. There is a serious problem in the APD. Corporal Goodman and his lackeys are the shitposters of this forum. They constantly create problems just to solve them as the police. Goodman just wants to rank up in the Police Department for his own personal gain. For example, Goodman followed me like the stalker he is and harassed me. I fought back and he arrested me. He shot me with a mark 18 in the police station as I was arguing for the release of my client. As a Jew, I am used to being mistreated and my ancestors are accustomed to death squads. But I did not expect to see this blatant anti-antisemitism on this forum. I will be contacting the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and SPLC about this situation.