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  1. hows the rotor usage? got good grease?
  2. Heyyy Everyone (: (: (: my name is explanicide i got the name from having an old original name of Explanation but then I added the tasty Genocide to it and it came out as Explanicide! <3 8===D <3 <3 I just wanted to say I'm single, looking for an internet relationship with a strong dependent man I can rely on and give me money every week. I have a high cost of life and need extra funding to cover for my food expense. I'm a good Arma 3 Gamer with about 4k hours, and I just wanted to say i've been a part of Olympus for an astonishing 1 month but I came here after 4 years of Asylum. I was forever known there in so many ways, until I did some horrible things to the admins, players, and the overall server. Anyways, I'm interested in becoming a Police officer for Olympus, I was hoping maybe I could suck enough dicks to rank up as Chief of Police. Please add me on steam if u want some paid services (;
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