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  1. I was banned for a de-sync vdm situation. Cyanide reached out to me shortly after I made this post and he unbanned me simply because I had to wait for a while.
  2. First off, I understand that the staff of Olympus have a lot going on, I won't discredit the work they do for us. That being said, I am really disappointed with how hard it is to get a ban appeal opportunity. I've talked to numerous people and its a common theme, using the ban center in TS is just a waste of time. Me personally I was live banned, made an appeal ticket in less than half an hour, then hopped in the TS. I've since been in the TS constantly for 2 days and 2 hours, constantly refreshing the idle timer. Keep in mind that my ban is a 3 day ban. I won't witch hunt or name drop, but I've seen the person who issued my ban in the TS for hours at a time during my time waiting for just a few minutes of their time to get a chance to appeal my ban. Its extremely disappointing and discouraging to see the ban appeal section just borderline ignored. I believe if you are going to issue a ban on someone you should at least be mindful that they might want to try and appeal. Like I stated at the beginning of my statement, I understand that the staff has a lot on their plates, but it really doesn't take but just a few minutes to hear out an appeal.
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