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  1. Im not the one who made another fourms account to boost my ego. Keep barking dog.
  2. why do you always like your posts with your other account?
  3. my day 1 bloo rag brother takes another w
  4. BUMP, i spawned therisa and there are 18 fucking cops just sitting there engaging on every naked spawning therisa. Once again killing the already dead cap fights, shit is so annoying. There is a huge terror going on in kav with huge bounties and tons of pvp, but at least 6 cops are driving around therisa picking up fresh spawns fighting cap. @ Matt Walker was for sure one, saying they are camping it because "cap fights are toxic" ? Surely something can be changed to prevent the apd from cheesing like this.
  6. I was thinking, can we separate the rank that gets gang vehicle access from the one that can invite members to the gang. Like by moving invite privs to rank 3 instead of 2. I feel like its kinda aids not being able to separate gang shed access from invite privs. Just my opinion.
  7. Can we spawn with GPS? That would be pretty cool.
  8. Yeah I have no issue with them just following into warzone, but recently its been cops tasing nakeds in therisa, thats what I have an issue with.
  9. I understand now, I completely agree.
  10. Yeah, I'd be more than happy to have more lenient/friendly rules for cops to raid warzone, fights are fights in my eyes. My only problem is getting arrested on respawn by therisa patrolling cops when there are actual fights going on.
  11. I don't think anyone mentioned conquest, I was just referring to cap fights in general.
  12. I get that, that's why I'm suggesting change and ideas my man.
  13. Not at all, I would expect the cops to come fight the caps instead of camping our respawns. In my opinion its a cheese way to get easy bounties. Like I said before would love to fight the cops on cap, but having the already dead fights snuffed out by cops camping our respawns is disheartening and de motivating IMO. This is a fair point, but recently i've had a WAY bigger issue with cops doing it. At least on S1.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I have no issue with fighting the cops, I do however, have an issue with cops coming to Therisa with the soul intent of tazing nakeds trying to fight cartels.
  15. The past week there has been quite a few cops patrolling therisa, taze'ing nakeds when we respawn to go back to cap. As far as bottleneck, its more of what kami said, its them chasing and kinda lingering there for a bit.
  16. Planning on making a bigger post about this, but does anyone have some suggestions when it comes to cops camping therisa/bottleneck? To me it just seems like a slap in the face to the already dead cartel life. If there by chance ARE fights happening, it most likely means that the server pop is relatively high. It just seems like its a really scummy and annoying thing to do, especially since cartel life is hanging by a thread. I'm open to any suggestions, opinions, or ideas. Please share. -metrobooomin
  17. Anyone else not like that when you send and bet and they decline it puts you on cooldown?
  18. I was banned for a de-sync vdm situation. Cyanide reached out to me shortly after I made this post and he unbanned me simply because I had to wait for a while.
  19. First off, I understand that the staff of Olympus have a lot going on, I won't discredit the work they do for us. That being said, I am really disappointed with how hard it is to get a ban appeal opportunity. I've talked to numerous people and its a common theme, using the ban center in TS is just a waste of time. Me personally I was live banned, made an appeal ticket in less than half an hour, then hopped in the TS. I've since been in the TS constantly for 2 days and 2 hours, constantly refreshing the idle timer. Keep in mind that my ban is a 3 day ban. I won't witch hunt or name drop, but I've seen the person who issued my ban in the TS for hours at a time during my time waiting for just a few minutes of their time to get a chance to appeal my ban. Its extremely disappointing and discouraging to see the ban appeal section just borderline ignored. I believe if you are going to issue a ban on someone you should at least be mindful that they might want to try and appeal. Like I stated at the beginning of my statement, I understand that the staff has a lot on their plates, but it really doesn't take but just a few minutes to hear out an appeal.

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