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  1. Sh^rk


    @Azeh heard u got doxed for being a retard, go back to having daddy issues retard
  2. Sh^rk


    Do you see this look on my face? It shows that no one gives a shit about your and u must think we care about a dead server, y I k e s Hhahahahahahahayourretardedhahahhahahahaha @Azeh why r u still here, no one likes u, go back to ur dead server. your trying to make a point but all I see is a little bitch fighting a fight he's gonna end up forgetting he started
  3. You can send the APD a dispatch saying "Please impound these cars, the garage man wont let me pull out my car because another car is blocking the garage"
  4. Sh^rk


    @McDili heres an argument where u may eat ur popcorn to.
  5. Sh^rk


    If I remember correctly ur in a shit gang, literally a living meme cuz u suck more than Xehons, and get the fuck off of Olympus forums no one wants u here, literally no one likes u
  6. Sh^rk


    Nah, instead we're all gonna be saying #GoBackToYourDeadServerYouBrainDeadRetard
  7. Sh^rk


    Well maybe if these retards all didn't rat each other out they would have never been banned. How about instead of trying to get them unbanned, laugh at their stupidity. #FreeElements
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