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  1. krepkiyp@yahoo.com

    someones getting triggered
  2. I do wresting, judo tennis and marching band
  3. My guy, i worry about APD and robbers from both the sky and the road more
  4. yessir but the problem is that the old frogs pro was hidden in an industrial complex. That negated the fact that it was very close to APD because people could hide from the patrols very easily, especially hiding trucks because of the large overhead garages, canopies and containers. Because the new frogs pro was at moonshine distrib. where there was virtually no chance to get into cover from APD patrols, nobody will take the chance (there is only one industrial shed which APD can very quickly peek into) TLDR: the negatives outweigh the positives
  5. i dont think anyone is going to do frogs anymore given that you can see the processing from the main MSR and its hella close to airport and athira so people will be there to rob every 5 minutes
  6. krepkiyp@yahoo.com

    taxis are gay and are only used by lazy people who cant fucking drive the 5km. to air base

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