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    Yeah man honestly I would focus on school and making some friends and creating some new hobbies not just playing video games try something different. Some stuff you can try are Working out ( no weights you're a little young wait till you're in HS) , Running , Biking and Maybe try learning how to code . It will most certainly be helpful in your future . The future is uncertain so make sure to take care of yourself and improve your character Respect , humility , honesty and kindness are all qualities of noble men and will go a long way in life. Perhaps some day when you're mature and have your life together you may be able to come back who knows !
  2. robBob


    Kid you need Jesus
  3. The cipher has no spaces in it and the title is involves bets
  4. There is a key word it is one of the titles in game
  5. I bet you wont solve it PWJTYHUOMEGX
  6. Which year do you think was better?
  7. Cipher: ZIJ LQK IA QZZ GUKHJ YGUFCCLHPDFR You have until Thanksgiving to solve it Good Luck (btw this is a new code from the last one ) if there are any mistakes you may find please tell me thank you
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