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  1. @Jessy got my first 50 ill hit u up when the server is steady and i have more
  2. got 50 atm but always let em go for 10. hmu if ya need any wp
  3. https://gyazo.com/6f0e64da0c601b3ccc2e1cc806173194 asking 3m ea but would go as low as 2.5 good for shine fits 250 of each ing in each house like 2km from brewery but fairly easy drive on the dirt road
  4. should we try to keep track of wp or with the database being froze are they able to still track it once its all back up and running?
  5. @TheCmdrRex is there a bug with vehicles/hatchbacks despawning/being lost? 3 of us bought 5 hatchbacks last night and they are all gone now for all of us.
  6. umm..did i ask what YOU are selling for? didn't think so. If someone would offer me less than we can negotiate but thats what im asking for it..don't u know how real estate works? never put ur bottom dollar for the asking price of u end up getting jewed down even lower Not only that but if i don't get a good price for it i can always use it and just making more $
  7. https://gyazo.com/382d89400725b267d2e94bab1bf9bc0e 3.4km from lab, gas station in town for easy refuel between runs. Used it to store fresh runs only and used the garage to start the fresh runs. 1.05m$ 1500 virtual space house. Asking 5m for the house and 1m for the garage. Hmu on forums or in game TP | NOTateamplayer
  8. mav did thor's comp request on the spot of him asking for it over sidechat..have seen many ppl even within my own gang who are tight with an admin who got their comp after a simple pm to them. but its all good
  9. What because for the people who don't buy money and actually have to do runs to fight and don't have an admin they can just hit up and get their comp right away i'm entitled? Sorry that the server got hacked and a rollback happened. so sorry for me feeling like the money i made was owed to me on your servers. When u see 5 admins on spawning tanks for a group that had 25 people doing a fed when there is 145 comp requests is a little frustrating. I would understand if i put a comp in that had a date and time and u guys had to check logs but its a clear cut video. I know u guys like to play and have fun as well but being staff when this shit happens kind of makes it your job to deal with these things first. It's all good though guess ill just cut my losses. THANKS FOR THE ETA
  10. are admins gonna be doing comp request once server is up or we gonna have to wait another year to see any unless we got a pocket admin?
  11. just put in a comp request should get a response in about a year or so
  12. Idk i guess if you don't kneepad admins you aren't shit
  13. i was on s1 the other night and mav came on, told the one guy to log off for his comp, thor asked over sidechat to have his looked at and sure enough mav told him "anything for u bb." seeing that i proceeded to ask mav to look at mine and i got the response back of " you have to wait for your comp to be looked at" they say it goes in order but that is a bunch of bullshit.
  14. "You are still able to submit comp requests, but they will just take a bit longer for response time." lmao it took u guys a week to do what, 50 comp requests from the first rollback...these people who need comp for this one will never see their comps unless they got a pocket admin. still gonna play but maybe in future u guys do the comp requests as a team and knock em out instead of spawning in tanks and shit on civ and using the excuse" well we get to play as well".
  15. mxm-250-300k mx-125-150k hmu if you want to sell any
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