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  1. ok tell when your on for doing this and i play on server 2 tell me* but i heard you sell 10 tasers
  2. Send me a message if you sell some.
  3. Playing on server 2, playername: (du poulet blanc) ,
  4. i need 2 mx's tasers for 500k pls
  5. for a total of 750 k
  6. minecraft

    Mx taser

    I need 2 tasers for a total of 500k
  7. ok but are you playing right now because im in server 2 my name in arma is (du poulet blanc)
  8. Pls someone I really need a mark1 taser.
  9. yes ok you have one i need it right now
  10. Just tell me the price, your name, which server you play between 1 2 and 3 and i'll buy it.
  11. Need an mx taser for 150k Or i can do 200k.
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