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  1. Don’t be naked outside of kav then. If you get robbed and your naked your fault. End of story
  2. That’s a big yikes. Ran right into him and then gatted him
  3. I took an entire mag from a type 115 and it just barely killed me
  4. https://gyazo.com/4e216a5d097c34e5674a628a95416f1a message @Billybobjoe
  5. What a fucking legend
  6. o7 man. You did a fuck ton for this community
  7. Still selling. Pm or comment offers
  8. Anyone lookin to buy a moon shed on server 2 1km away from moon brewery
  9. I try to rp but when people are toxic/afk puts a bad taste in your mouth when processing. I would like to give more pardons/reduced tickets but cops are so money hungry everyone gets pissy
  10. I’m a virgin so it’s a way for me to show my dong size
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