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  1. the real factor to decide if you have proper hygiene is if you brush under your toenails.
  2. I feel like you are the guy who rolls around with a mk-1 and kills people doing apple runs.
  3. its funny how the Olympus rules literally call vigis wannabe cops
  4. jombo


    lol i just wanted to see some actual funny memes but now im just getting shit for it
  5. jombo


    Reply with your best memes
  6. jombo


    Tanoa was kinda fun for the time it was around it sucks not a lot of people played on it . If it got as stacked as 1 and 2 then it would have been such a fun server .
  7. not meme of the decade but kinda funny
  8. What u guys think should be the meme of the decade
  9. jombo


    Who is the biggest clown on olympus
  10. jombo


    whats yalls vavorite memes
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