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  1. Williams_254

    aight cool hmu tmr on server 2 Williams [BPM]
  2. Williams_254

    9 mil suppressor - 75k 5.56 suppressors - 400k 6.5 suppressors - 700k 50. cal BW mags - 250k 2x Stones - 20k each And a DMS - 3 mil
  3. Williams_254

    I don't know if I'd trust this guy I just saw a shit ton of people going off on side chat about how he scammed them of an AT offroad so that's a fat rip.
  4. Williams_254

  5. Williams_254

    I'll be on tomorrow so msg me I'll be on server 2 [LCA] Williams
  6. Williams_254

    aight what server u on rn
  7. Williams_254

    the warpoint value is 750k but thats a lot so how about we go down to 650k?
  8. Williams_254

    ok, how much for 1
  9. Williams_254

    How much for the 6.5 suppressor and do u have a 6.5 stealth suppressor as well?
  10. Williams_254

  11. Williams_254

    Will not accept low balls. SOLD!
  12. Williams_254

    Sorry, bit late but no it did not sell when would you like it, and I'm on server 2.
  13. Williams_254

    Alright come to server 2 and msg LCA Williams
  14. Williams_254

    I'll take 350k don't want a free vigi pass bc I don't go to Kaval UwU. Also i'll sell it to you tomorrow and i'm not going lower than 350
  15. Williams_254

    It's worth 450k but ill do 400k deal?

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