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  1. Guys think about this even if 99 percent of people think youre ugly there still 70,000,000 people that think you are cute so do not hate yourself or end ya life over somethign some moron said keep it going and show that human being that you are worth more than they state.
  2. Who here bought the new arma DLC or is atleast hyped for it? I like but i do not really see it being worth the price tag like yeah it has new guns and extra, but dude its worth a christmas sale type of deal im happy that bohemia interactive has not fully left us and is making new content but scripters have made there own alien stuff in game. Then my second comment is does anyone have DayZ on ps4 if yeah how is it? various people say its bad, but theres people that like it and I want to meet them!
  3. The bounty is for the player to keep because if we turn in the guy with the high bounty it would be "Boosting" if that is not we look at it that way now the guy with the bounty will have guidelines we just need to see how many people are willing to be in the contest. The price for the bounty will be paid off by Lion Cartel for them participating in our event.
  4. The pot to win is 1,000,000 but the winner also gets how much there bounty is too so if 4 people join the contest and they get 1 mil bounty they leave with 2 million I talked about it in the chat if more than 4 people join then we will donate some of the money to the IDAP Group and some to save turtles
  5. Okay so people will get banned if they try to contest with others. The winner get 1 million plus how ever much there bounty is. MAV if players come to the event will they get banned?
  6. Since you players think yall really good put your money where you mouth is. I wanna have a challenge with some players and see who is real and who is fake. Lion Cartel is hosting a challenge on who is the toughest cat on the streets we will have a start and finish and it will be between a certain number of players there will be 1 million dollars up for grabs but entree fee is 250,000. Now when will this take place this Saturday 9:00 pm pacific timezone. Now you may ask whats the challenge We will have a number of players in a list they will have 1 hour to get in the most trouble they can get in. before we start the contest everyone will be innocent then we will set a timer and for an hour and see who can get in the most trouble the highest bounty will be the winner. the winner of the contest will get the million plus the amount of his bounty so for example if someones bounty is 1.1 million they winner will be going home with 2.1 million dollars. The start of the contest will be in sofia away from everything but close to big crimes. Hope to see you guys out there and Goo Luck to the contenders!
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