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  1. My ign is nikita. message me.
  2. https://gyazo.com/8feb9959031b74008ababae680a5d4f6
  3. Will get an admin middle man, 25 million flat. I'm firm on the price My IGN is N l Nikita
  4. Sunnyside New york motherfucker pull up. I know they consider buying the ingame money with real money worth it. Because they did. They knew the risks and the cost but still they bought it.
  5. For the record I lost 1m in the casino and dipped plus your wrong. The money has value. Yall ban people for buying ingame currency with real dollars thus it has real value.
  6. https://www.nhs.uk/news/genetics-and-stem-cells/gambling-addiction-linked-to-genes/ https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/genetics-epigenetics-addiction https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2715956/ https://www.addictionsandrecovery.org/is-addiction-a-disease.htm "iVe bEeN aRouND thE bLoCK" :Kappa: You are a retard. You just proved my point. A persons ability to handle with a relapse, come down, detox is based on a persons health but MAINLY FUCKING GENETICS. AHAHAHAHAH shit for brains. "95% of the people I know that got addicted... couldn't handle the come down" So 95% of the people you know that got addicted all had poor genetics in resisting addiction? and No I dont believe you. No fucking way that 95% got addicted just because they couldnt handle the come down. Your an idiot for not know otherwise.
  7. Nah that is the dumbest argument I've ever fucking heard. BECAUSE U ARE SPITTING STRAIGHT FICTION. Get some real world experience with addiction, specifically gambling. when it comes to gambling it ACTUALLY ONLY TAKES ONE BET, to get addicted. Just because u smoked a little pot or tried something even harder and didn't get addicted CAN BE ATTRIBUTED TO YOUR FUCKING GENETICS RETARD. GOOGLE IT. Addiction tendencies are in your DNA, some are more immune than others. Don't pipe up when u dont know shit.
  8. The reason why the house edge in established casinos is so low BECAUSE THEY NEED PEOPLE TO COME BACK. OS didnt create a casino they created a money pit. Why? for the crazy rich. they needed a way to level the playing field. but they didnt cut the tall grass instead THEY JUST FUCKING MASSIVE FUCKING SINKHOLE IN THE MIDDLE. It didn't nerf the crazy rich it fucking nerfed everyone who played there. A lot of poorer players lost everything they had because they had the same problem Noble did. They chased their loses. BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT NONE OF THEM CAUGHT UP TO THEIR LOSES BECAUSE ITS FUCKING RIGGED. Your also missing my point. Of fucking course people will still gamble EVEN if they know its rigged because its FUN and ADDICTING. Serious congratz to everyone who could loose a couple million and walk away. Some people cant. Edit: If OS made a legit casino, with out the insane riggedness. There would still be idiots that loose everything, but by making the casino so impossible to win at its just going to drain every corner of the server. Poor or rich.
  9. Noah I know casinos. "The house always wins" is based in statistics, know as the house edge. The house edge is actually really small, like less than 2% when it comes to games like blackjack and roulette. ( not slots, slots are fucking rigged to shit) and that House edge comes from how the games are played, not by a fucking casino royal style magnate that fucking magically makes the ball fall red instead of black. The house edge comes from shit like green. thats why there is single, double, and sometimes triple 0 roulette. The house edge from blackjack comes from the player needs to hit first. if a player hits on a 12, gets a K and busts the house wins BUT the house in the same hand might have bust aswell but the player had to go first so the dealer is always favored. BUT OLYMPUS CASINO IS RIGGED ON FUCKING BET SIZE. THE BIGGER THE BET THE MORE LIKELY YOU ARE TO LOOSE. ALSO THE BLACKJACK IN THE CASINO ISNT EVEN CORRECT BLACKJACK, THE DEALER IS NEVER SUPPOSED TO HIT ON A 17 BUT OLYMPUS STAFF ALLOWED IT TO MAKE IT "more balanced" MOTHER FFUCKER IT JUST MAKES THE HOUSE EDGE MORE THUS MORE INBALANCED.
  10. this guy is a fucking retard. "iTs yOuR ChOiCe tO pLaY IN CaSInO" Yeah no fucking shit. Its also your choice to drink and do drugs but everyone drinks and atleast tries drugs AND THATS HOW U GET ADDICTED ASSHAT. No shit he tried the Casino it was brand fucking new and he had like 280m so he played. lost. chased his loses. lost more. went big. lost. 210 go BrrrRrRRr. BUT IT DOESNT HELP THAT THE CASINO IS FUCKING RIGGED. Like actually, not speculation, it is rigged.
  11. No one forced him to drink No one forced her to smoke cigarettes No one forced him to gamble. Its all addictions, gambling addictions are just as strong as more "traditional ones". Dumbshit everyone wants to chase their loses so thats how u loose 210m
  12. So this ddoser threatened the admins asking for a player to get unbanned, saying he'd ddos the server if they didnt unban. The admins told him to go fuck himself or sumthing and now both servers are down for hours everyday. so now I cant do runs despite the fact in FUCKING BROKE. after the admins rigged the casino, changing the rules of blackjack. next time i double down a 5m bet on blackjack when I get an 11 DRAW A FUCKING KING AND THEN THE DEALER 8 8 4 Ace WTF IS THAT SHIT. (in real blackjack the dealer will stand on 20 and my blackjack wins 10m) The admins prob wanted to create another huge money sink for the top 5% of players but all they did was wipeout a fuck ton of players with under 10m and who knows how many of those players alt + f4ed and will never come back Im fucking :Babyrage: TBH the admins are prob working really hard to solve the ddosing but keep blundering shit like this and they will loose players
  13. Yeah man are you illiterate, I didn't complain about being killed I complained about how I got mixed results between mods. I've had to comp a kid 200k because when I hopped in TS the mod told be it was rdm for A VERY SIMILAR SITUATION.
  14. Hello, this my video. I'd like to give me side. Following a computer crash I log back on to resume my moonshine run. I see a dumb ass rolling down the hill, I immediately assume that he's just trying to get close to rob me. Now this is were I have an issue. I fire a single shot, in my opinion not at the player and it is beyond obvious that I had zero intent on actually shooting the player. I hope into the Olympus TS, Initially the support member who dealt with the case said the warning shot counted as initiation but when a bunch of other support members joined weather or not the single shot I fired counted as initiation was disputed. Now I'm VERY frustrated by how this was handled, because the inconsistency between different support members is the reason why I fired that "warning shot" . ~ 2 weeks ago I was involved in a RDM case against me. The player had asked me to join the TS so I did. The player had shot near me and I immediately gunned him down. I joined the TS feeling confident that I was in the right just for the support team member to say that those shots by me weren't initiation and I had rdmed. I then comped the kid and moved on. Fast forward to today, I joined the TS feeling confident that I had been RDMed because of this previous support team interaction. Just to find out that I was infact in the wrong again.
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