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I haven't been playing alt life for too long now and this was the server i most enjoyed. The only problem i am having is with the TCA. I got banned for RDM the other day, because after i took fire, i shot a guy back then some TCA guy ran behind me and shot me. I re spawned, bought a gun, and decided to take some revenge. I found a few TCA guys, told them to drop their guns, shots were fired so i shot them. My god all i heard was them whining about RDM. 60 seconds later, without any chance to defend myself, bam, 4 day ban. There was no way an admin had enough time to even watch a recording of what happened. Nope the TCA just whined about RDM and boom i was banned seconds later. I find this funny because often after pissing off so many people on the server, they will get hunted and cry RDM no matter the situation. But they will just fucking roll up and pop you whenever they feel like it. I know the admin doesn't have that much power in these matters, and i know it sounds a little whiny, but the fact remains, so many people have already explained to me they are leaving Olympus because of the TCA. I think i might be too. Im sorry but someone needs to do something about all the bullshit those assholes get away with. especially in the AM when there are no cops on. Holy shit are TCA members bad when there are no cops on.

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You may not be able to see the admin around you but there still maybe a admin watching over things, lurking in the shadows. If you do think it was a unjust ban use this LINK. Unfortunately from the way you have put it you broke the NLR. Give it a shot though





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To an extent, I understand what you are saying. There have been gangs (clans) in the past who break SO many rules. Personally, I don't record too often and don't care too much when people break rules, however it can get out of hand sometimes. Fortunately for me, most of my problems (the hypocritical gangs) have left Olympus. A few remain however, and I plan on always recording after this update takes place on Sunday. Especially in the early mornings. 

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