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  1. POTP holding it down

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Brennan


      throw back

    3. Watermelone


      your still alive?

    4. Jorbis


      Still remember the day I joined POTP :')


  2. Peter can I have CMT Lead back please?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. FluffyTEDDY


      @Bubbaloo figured that out after i was done commenting :P 

    3. Bubbaloo Burrito
    4. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      Why don't you go to the support section and fill out an application. Better late than never right? :P

  3. Polygon will be at Gang Wars. GG

    1. Ventar


      Who are you again?

    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Dont you mean Porygon?


  4. i havent seen you on the server for ever we need you xd

  5. Just know Polygon is better then any squad. 

    1. Dustin87



  6. Polygon Update #18: Riding out the storm. Over and out.

    1. Kanger
    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      I just realised I have been missreadiung your posts for the last couple of days.  Every time you mention that I thought of 


  7. Polygon Update #17: Things are looking up. Time will tell my friends. 

  8. Polygon Coming Soon

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    2. McDili


      Woo Warfare comin back!

    3. Squall


      So many people coming back

    4. Thomas


      Give the fucking people what they want!!!  POTP HOLDING IT DOWN!!!

  9. Because single player and multiplayer are completely different in terms of how things render, what renders, items, etc. Also if you are using windows 10 Bohemia stated your fps can be lowered until they come out with a fix.
  10. Warfare


    If the issue is arma isn't being displayed on obs then you need to enable anti cheat compatibility for the game source.
  11. Then you should follow the rule that almost every action is excusable if it's within rp.
  12. You just sound like a dude who cries rules at this point. If you were actually interested in the rp you would of listened to what he said at that is the correct thing to do. You clearly didn't value your life one damn bit in the situation. Lastly the whole you need a ziptie to take a medic hostage is straight up retarded. Why would I restrain you when I'm just going to unrestrain you to revive someone?
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