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  1. As does the helicopter service station on the airfield.
  2. 1.7. Medics will follow all rules and laws which pertain to the civilian community, including but not limited to: 1.7.1. Speed and traffic laws 1.7.2. Disturbing the peace 1.7.3. Misuse of emergency lights and sirens (Using when not responding to a call). So what about illegal vehicles? Are we going to consider it not breaking the law when a medic operates an illegal vehicle? (really wouldn't be an issue in my opinion just thinking of technicalities)
  3. Anyone care to provide context

    on the situation with the Senior APD?

    Preferably in some detail,

    not just a brief sentence??

    Edited by Jorbis
    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jorbis


      Being someone who hasn't played in over a year I'm extremely confused and curious

    3. Tman15tmb


      We have been in a staff meeting for close to four hours. Its honestly a lot and it can't be explained in a short summary.

    4. Jorbis


      Sounds like quite a heavy situation, best of luck with a peaceful resolution. If you find the time to explain that'd be amazing, but of course no pressure, focus on the issues at hand.

  4. Here ya go Peter, you'll have to ignore the mess. You've got a very lovely daughter there Peter, hope you and the family is doing well. Sure looks like it Also why the fuck is Clemenza an emoji??? Not complaining, just you know...
  5. Best cop? Oh sheeshh, now you're making me blush!
  6. How has life been as the last air bender? (Also notice the lack of sheets on the bed)
  7. Never forget #Ripthenewsvan


    Edited by Jorbis
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    2. Tman15tmb


      Jorbis come back!

    3. Lonnie85


      did they put the skin back in? what about the sports hatch and heli? Must know urge to play news is at all time high

    4. Jorbis


      It's from June last year, so who knows.

  8. H-h-hi there mister peter long, you seem like a real swell guy... Could I l-l-like get your autograph?
  9. Can't personally verify that 100m mark. Had to snag an image made by someone else to illustrate it. You're right on that, seems like you'd be hitting the ground with that marker.
  10. Try going into vr training. Grab yourself range finders to confirm the distance and do some test shooting. Make sure you understand the mil dot system (Not my image): http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/532890227348279602/F9C75A2D1C447713C40F2FDEDF21EDCCD9E64F79/ Each dot under the 300m mark represents another 100m of distance. Also make sure that you've zeroed your sights correctly. Default keys for this are page up and page down. Zeroing your scope to 500m will change your center mark to that range.
  11. Gary all the way
  12. Community Team Handbook has been deleted? Ok... :huh::unsure:


    1. McDili


      Not deleted. Just hidden. News team slots don't exist anymore I don't think.

    2. Jorbis


      Sleep softly my child 

    3. Watermelone


      But i thought after mine and jorbis's strong statements on the live stream last week it was gonna come back:(

  13. No idea about any of this, but if they are gone.... Replacing members of the senior APD takes time; the right people will be chosen for the role.
  14. Some helpful hotkeys that you may or may not already know: Pause: K Rewind: J Fast Forward: L Split Media File into two: S (Pressing K or L multiple times will increase the speed)