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  1. what server was that.. shit looks cool
  2. That guy looks like he was stung by a shit tun of bees Peter what kind of head set is that?
  3. 1. I think 10 - 15 million cause money is to make on Olympus 2. If you buy a gang house on server 1 then you can't buy one on server 2 to make it fair. 3. 4 crate and 1 million to upgrade them. 4. 4 but can upgrade to 6 5. gang level 4 6. Gang level 3 7. 10 8. The Owner should be online at least within 30 days or another gang can buy it, and the gang need to pay 1 million for every member in the gang every 2 weeks.
  4. If there's a guy I hate I'm going to brag to all my friends about getting him banned in my own ts, if he's getting banned I'm going to tell him. not trying to be savage or anything bro. Not trying to hurt feeling but if the admin is not going to discipline the cunt for RDM then I will Its a game at the end of the day lol . Love you @Talindor
  5. BFO is one of the coolest gang, not the best but the coolest guys around
  6. Who says i'm not playing right now?
  7. TBH A little of both man
  8. Mad cause you ain't on it
  9. The best player on Arma: @AndrewFam @Rusty @Peter Long @Linka and @Tiggy B Best players on Olympus @Grandma Gary @3 Rip @Rusty Best Pilots on Olympus @G.O.A.T. @Tiggy B @Goldberg Longest Gangs on Olympus Night Watch Salt Mine M16 Moob & Lo The Frog Man @Bubbaloo Burrito Most Loved Player @Fedot Best Staff Member on Olympus @G.O.A.T. for that one day <3 @Pinkstreak @D3V1L @Poseidon Best Cop in History @GidGit @dubVee @Jorbis @Ace @McDili Longest Trolls: @DubZ Most Bans on Olympus: @64BiT Worst Staff Members on Olympus @Travis @Dezree
  10. lol thanks