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  1. thanks for the titan my home dog
  2. ok lol, what is that supposed to mean.
  3. damn, when i was duping didn't you take a lot of items out of my house? and then bitch at me and threaten to report me for moving everything out and you couldnt get keys?
  4. is that cop wearing DB tags? HMM
  5. Never sold to him, could be legit.
  6. When i repaint my car ill print the olympus logo on the top of my car for an unban

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    2. MAV


      Ikiled name may be on it, but I'm the one (along with pledge) that did the log diving to find the loadout system abuse. Ikiled wanted his name on it because he banned you initially for duping the first time.. either way you only abused it like 4 or 5 times (granted each of those times were with nades, titams, rockets and mk200s, but I digress) I wouldn't have been opposed to at least a discussion of an unperm if I were still staff

    3. d a k o t a

      d a k o t a

      i said multiple times, once i saw ryans post, (It was a while after he posted his status update because someone told me look at ryans status) i saw it and stopped. but i did abuse and exploit it yes, no way around that. im just gonna take the perm and get over olympus eventually. no point in ban evading either since im not friends with many people that much anymore lol.

    4. Evannn


      no you aren’t 

  7. Just got a new modem and this shit fucking slooowwwwwwwwwwww. im getting 1/10th wtf.

  8. @Ziggyuwuyou say that when i get shit talked to by you i cant take it, but i just shit talked you and then my internet goes down lololol

  9. damn, i live in NY havent seen shit.
  10. Damn, i thought the hurricane ended already. havent heard anything on the news
  11. I remember when @ikiled said i would have a fun time not seeing the fourms, still waiting on that.
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