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  1. @ikiled lets have a boxing match

    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Bro I know you ain't chatting shit on ya boy @ikiled


  2. are we still shitting on @Ryan for the broken status updates or are we done with that

  3. the only reason i come back to this dogshit server is for the status updates and @Ryan went and broke them.

  4. da homie @bastro really be off restrictions 

  5. man youtube has some banger movies on it


  6. if you think about it cartel fighting is just seeing who can hold a rock for longer than another person for ego points

  7. anyone have the clip of the LT who pulled a ghosthawk and gunned down a bunch of kids in kav?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mighty


      I know i have the full audio file. Ill check my computer when i get home and see if i still have the video

    3. Dominick Ramos
    4. Mighty


      Still the best olympus video out there. 10/10

  8. where my concussion boys at

  9. so good news my cpu, mobo, ram and psu work bad news gpu dead @Rexo whats my next course of action? looking at where the liquid landed it looks like it was right behind the gpu (like the actual gpu on the board) so far i've disassembled it and im gonna let it dry out on the weekend because im not gonna be here
  10. plz accept my app for mod thx


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    2. Mike Lit's stupid ass face
    3. Ryan


      You met ALL the requirements. Welcome to the team 🙂 

    4. Ziggyuwu


      10 minutes ago, Ryan said:

      You met ALL the requirements. Welcome to the team 🙂 

      i'll be waiting in ts for my tags 😉 

  11. @Creepy plz unban @bastro he's resorted to combat arms the man is losing his sanity

    1. Creepy


      Then tell him to follow the very simple instructions I gave him

    2. bastro


      @Creepy man what instructions 

    3. bastro


      my appeal is open

  12. petition to change all houses in dp9 to garages to promote cartel fights

    1. Soulz


      Or j make a war zone spawn with safe zone 

    2. TheoryB


      actually pog

  13. happy birthday to the homie and best tarkov streamer @Toasty

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