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Locked Should lemon be banned for this


Lemon RDM? or Box VDM  

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  1. 1. Lemon RDM or Box VDM

    • Box VDM?
    • Lemon RDM?

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I'd say yes and no half and half kinda something that should be debated , box should know what he's doing u can't just do that to random people he knows he was getting himself into danger . But then again I'm not staff so I can't really say anything .

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you were trying to run into me so i crossed back on to the road and cops pit all the time soooo. you still rdmed

have fun with the ban

"It's Box oh god were screwed"


as you can tell i didn't get out of my car to engage i just sat in laughter

"They have reinforcements on "

I was just driving to kavala and just saw you just and just was like fuck it lets get some engagement and I was said to find that there was no engagement just rdm

and i didn't know what you were doing

if my boy Parker wasn't banned he would have fucking killed you as i died he would have just some 5km shots on you

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Just now, G.O.A.T. said:

In my personal opinion that should've been engagement. Clearly tried to PIT/Rolling barricade you.

he was pushing me off the road so i wanted to get back on and i didn't mean to roll him heres my video 


since you wanna bitch lemon

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Just got home and found this, posting this to get an reaction from the community is not going to help your ban appeal, if anything, it will have a negative impact. It is very rare now these days that players post their ban appeals on the forums because they get denied for doing so. They learned the hard way, time to shut down this post.

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