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Heinz's Investments Hours Change

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     Those of you who play on server one have probably realized that I am not on as often as I once was selling stocks and commodities to people. This can be an issue to my clients who are currently in positions, because they cannot sell/buy as often as they like. 

     If you are currently a client. please know that you can now send trade requests to me via PMing me on the forums. I will try to be in the game as much as I can, but personal life matters are making it difficult to be in there 3 hours a day as I once was. If anyone sees someone complaining about how I'm not on anymore and they cant sell, please notify them that they can PM me @ksgamer103 here in the forums. 

     For those of you who have no idea what this is, Heinz's Investments is a brokerage I started a little more than a month ago that allows you to place trades in real life stocks and commodities. You can chose a stock or commodity, and tell me how much you want to invest in it, then I will tell you how many contracts/shares you can buy, and what the commission fees are. Once you are in, you can sell for a higher price for a profit, or for a lower price for a deficit. You can contact me at any time to get your money back with that profit, or that deficit added/subtracted to the total return. 


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