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Donation Rewards

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September Rewards
Note: Donation rewards are given to all players if the goal is met.


  • Blackwater Weapons Factory development.
    • Funding of the new Blackwater Weapons Factory has dried up! Donate to fund construction of the new Weapons Factory! 
    • Blackwater Weapons Factory will be a exciting new objective for rebels to attack.  If you can break into the factory successfully,  you have the chance to obtain high-end gear that you cannot get at a normal rebel shop.  Careful though,  the APD will be fighting anyone who tries to break into the new factory! Rumor has it that they even put in an Anti Air system! Donate to complete the construction of the new Weapons Factory today!!
  • VR Suits available for purchase
  • Business Suits available for purchase 

@Itachi Uchiha

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