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Huge CSAT Sale - 100+ Clothing

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Yea, got some CSAT for sale as well as a few APD items PM or steam message me offers, hit me up in OS team speak or where ever you can. 

Ghillie Suit [CSAT]  x 60
Fatigues (Urban) [CSAT]  x 6 
Fatigues (Green Hex) [CSAT]  x 40
Pilot Coveralls  x 9
Defender Helmet  x 15

Lethal CMR with 5 mags
2 x APD MXs
1 x Lethal MX

All for sale for Olympus Money. Prices are negotiable.

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20 minutes ago, DANGUSDEAN said:

And pat has now made about 4.5 mil in an hour. who needs drug runs?

actually, I haven't made anything yet. I've set up these deals with people but no one else seems to want to follow through, except for Chaos which will be something done later this evening. 

Everything is a first come first serve basis!

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7 minutes ago, DANGUSDEAN said:

yeah, but if all goes through, you'll have lined your damn pockets. have fun spending several mil on a blackfish bigpat. lol

going to be a jet this time


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57 minutes ago, Daevon said:

600k for the 6 urban fatigues

Deal Ill PM you 

The Ghillies are at a reduced price of 50k a Piece. If you buy bulk Ill do 40k a piece. 

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