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Locked APD Handbook Update 2/23/2017

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Chapter XI - Illegal Areas

  1. Drug dealers, Drug fields, drug processing, the Federal Reserve (during a robbery), Federal Penitentiary (during jailbreak), turtle poaching areas, frog fields, rebel areas and any other area marked with a red crosshatch are all considered illegal areas.
  2. Officers must announce themselves within any illegal area with code 3(Lights and Sirens). (Does not apply to Fed or Jail) *Texting to engage in an illegal zone is NOT ALLOWED
    1. When use Code 3 to enter a redzone, this automatically engages all civilians inside the redzone. This means once you enter the redzone with code 3, you are clear to open fire on any weapon-bearing individual inside the redzone.
  3. Officers may only enter illegal areas every 10 minutes.
  4. Officers are not to remain in an illegal area if there is no apparent illegal activity.
  5. Officers may not “camp” illegal areas by staying in the immediate vicinity outside of the illegal areas.
  6. During active engagements in any illegal area, Officers are to respond in “waves”.
    1. Each wave of officers are active until all officers at the incident have been killed or neutralized.
      1. If upon entering an illegal area and suspects are found, APD can call in backup. Backup can only enter on 1st wave as long as a member of the group calling for backup is still on scene. If the first group is eliminated before backup arrives, then second wave begins, backup is no longer available, and normal wave rules apply.
    2. All waves after the first, must start with ALL officers responding to an engagement being present in an active APD HQ.  Once all officers responding have arrived the subsequent wave may begin. (Example. When the last officer dies the next wave may begin, even if the last cop that died has not respawned. The last cop that died In the first wave can still enter wave 2.)
    3. Any officers who are pulling out of responding to an incident or are retreating from the incident to start the next wave must return to a HQ before the next wave can begin.
    4. If a situation begins inside an illegal area and then moves outside the illegal area, waves are no longer required since the fight is no longer inside the illegal area.
  7. Officers may only enter Rebel outposts and Cartels when:
    1. There is a Sergeant or higher in the group.
    2. At least 3 officers in the squad.
    3. The wave as a whole must all enter code 3, or must all enter "dark" with intent to verbally engage. No mixing and mashing.
      1. No texting to engage
    4. Cartels may be patrolled by APD during times of high population. The APD may enter Cartels if they have pursued someone in or have probable cause to enter (Such as a 911). Once APD have engaged rebel forces in a cartel, they may continue to raid it following standard rebel raid rules until the situation has been neutralized at that cartel.
      1. APD May enter the Cartels for hostage situations. (PO or higher)
      2. APD may escort medics into Cartels.(Sgt+ needed)
    5. Exceptions:
      1. If an APD member is in pursuit of a player and the player chooses to enter the Outpost/Cartel.
        1. The APD member may enter the area 1 time in pursuit of the player.
        2. If the APD member is killed then the previous rules are reinstated.
  8. For Federal Reserve robberies, Jailbreaks, and Blackwater Weapons Factory robberies;
    1. NO RP is required to engage rebels that are participating in a Federal reserve robbery/Jailbreak/Blackwater. All APD are free to fire on rebels in these circumstances. If you see a rebel(Clearly participating in the fed/jail/blackwater) you can shoot them.
    2. Rebels are also free to fire on APD at federal reserve robberies/jailbreaks/blackwater without engaging RP. If they see you, they can kill you.
    3. Only applies during active robbery/jailbreak/blackwater
    4. If in the instance there are multiple of these events going on at one time, the order of priority to respond is Blackwater first, Fed second, Jail last.
    5. Any officer that is tased during an active Federal Event will not be considered part of a wave and new wave can start. (Example..If last cop is tased at the BW than a new wave can start.) 
  9. If any officer is tased and restrained during a Federal Event, wave rule will not apply for the remainder of the event.

The Ghosthawk

  1. The Ghosthawk’s weapons are only to be used on vehicles that are operated by a suspect of a crime, or on vehicles in which a suspect is known to have boarded beyond a reasonable doubt.
  2. If giving chase to a vehicle piloted by a suspect of a crime, or a vehicle which is carrying a suspect of a crime, the pilot is to be notified by text message 1 time to land the vehicle, or be shot and given 10 seconds to comply. (Exception You can fire upon an illegal ground vehicle (including APD hunters and striders), if given 1 text message and 10 seconds to comply. If an aircraft is over water and receives a text from a Ghost hawk it must attempt to land at the nearest body of land. If an aircraft continues to fly out to sea it cab be shot down over the water.)
  3. If a landed aircraft is texted to stay landed and and begins to take off after the text is sent the Ghost hawk may fire upon the aircraft without waiting the full 10 seconds.
  4. If the Ghosthawk is fired upon by an armed vehicle and/or titan the Ghost hawk remains guns hot regardless of wave rule until the engagement has been broken for more then 5 minutes.
  5. If a Ghosthawk is stolen, and its operators utilize the guns on the APD or the civilian population, the APD is authorized to use any means necessary to destroy the stolen Ghosthawk (excluding using other vehicle to intentionally ram the stolen Ghosthawk.)
  6. If hostile action is taken against the Ghosthawk, the Ghosthawk may return fire with lethal force without sending a warning text first.
  7. The Sergeant or higher must be the one to give the directive to use the guns.
    1. Exception: If multiple Ghosthawks have been shot down in the same situation any Sergeant and above may decide to use the Ghost hawk GUNS HOT provided they notify a member of the opposing force to leave or surrender prior.
  8. Once a single Ghost hawk meets guns hot requirements, all Ghost hawks in the area of engagement may go guns hot without prior warning.
  9. For FEDS, JAILBREAKS, and BLACKWATER ONLY - Standard ghosthawk rules apply during a Federal reserve robbery, Jailbreak, and blackwater until a prerequisite is met. Once the prerequisite is met, the ghosthawk may respond to the Federal reserve robbery/Jailbreak/Blackwater with GUNS HOT against all hostile robbery/jailbreak participants.
    1. The prerequisite that must be met: The ghosthawk may only be authorized for use with GUNS HOT in the wave following the detonation of the bomb. (Example: If the bomb blows on wave 5, wave 5 MUST FINISH before the Ghosthawk can come out on Wave 6)
    2. Once rebels leave the Fed/Jailbreak/Blackwater, the Ghosthawk ceases fire and resets to normal ghosthawk rules. They must re-engage the fleeing rebels with proper texts.
      1. If the rebels fire upon the Ghosthawk at any point, before/during/after it goes GUNS HOT, the Ghosthawk does not have to re-engage.
      2. If a server reset occurs during an active situation and the Ghosthawk was GUNS HOT prior to restart, the Ghosthawk may return to the situation (after restart) GUNS HOT at the rebels still at and/or fleeing the fed. This is because many groups abused restart by doing feds for instance 30-45 minutes prior to restart in which they would fill up a truck with gold and then they couldn't be touched after, so they'd fire haphazardly at a ghosthawk which put the cops at a disadvantage after restart for the getaway.


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