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A long time ago on Altis. I was a fair but firm man who had my hands in alot of bad things. I had people protecting me and giving me a percentage of their money just to pick illegal items in certain fields. Those where the good days and it was fun. Then one day the massacre happened, I remeber it like yesterday. After the smoke cleared and the bodies laid still in the dew of the morning grass, we left to run and hide for a bit. Later i was caught and charged with alot of things. I was convicted of all the charges and sent to Altis Federal Prison (which isnt even on the map). I've spent the last 25 years there. I was recently paroled since i had a dream of helping people so i studied in medical and worked in the prison infirmary. I once took lives and had them taken to now thinking of coming back to Altis to heal and save lives. So if you see me in a town i am now a old man with knowledge of the past. Maybe we can sit and i'll tell stories of the old days that has gone bye. Buy me a sandwhich and a beer and we can talk till sun-up. Till then may you find money and happiness in Altis.

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