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  1. Holy crap... ....someone taking constructive criticism to their idea like a real human being. Get this man a dam medal!!! I know nothing of the recovery but I do know higher up police are hunted for these and some do enjoy the thrill of the chase.
  2. They are highly sought after. That being said... those that get them are more likely to cherish them vs. Oh let me go grab another. Supply and demand would be ruined for the people that work to successfully get them. I vote none of the above.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all us land stealing, Indian killing, ex British wankers in America.   Remember to chew your food or end up a statistic next year in Thanksgiving deaths.

    1. SPBojo


      ok boomer

  4. Lol I meant about Michael taking it in the pooper. Not installing arma anytime soon btw. Just trolling.
  5. Pretty sure it was the other way around buddy.
  6. Hope you get a finger in your butt today @Childish

  7. Lol some idiot was arrested for putting gauze and bandages to fix a flat tire. Nice to see you as well @Slumberjack
  8. It was a gunshot wound I swear. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/MZb05kN
  9. Okay well I hope no one is expecting my return... cause rnr is still surviving even without me...smh

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lincoln Williams

      Lincoln Williams

      Well fuck off then... missing all my birthdays, no child support, no teaching me baseball, and I hate you

    3. Grego


      If you weren’t such a little shit, asking for this and that and stealing from me, maybe, just maybe, I would still be around!

    4. Evannn


      grego is a fat fuck

  10. Fed is where I got most of my cop revives. Buy your point is still valid... apd has no penalty for reviving so 0 fux given to respawn.
  11. Apd hates the gangs Gangs hate apd Apd hates medics cause they revive gangs Gangs hate medics for reviving apd Medics hate people with guns screaming because someone else is butthurt their friend died cause they suck at the game and denying revives. My solution? Everyone is denied under "William's Clause 13.5 paragraph C subsection 31" Everyone is denied for being handicapped.
  12. Tl;dr if you don't have enough shake to fill your bowl.... go get some hydro @Slumberjack lol
  13. I never doubted your creativity and that sir.... would be a win lol

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