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  1. I got a mar 10 tazer and dms, how much u wana pay for it?
  2. push moist nugget on og
  3. Cool vehicles, mediocre gear.
  4. holy crap your a bot, 1800 hours and both your kds are bellow 1
  5. Ok so for all drugs (except for meth and moonshine) the basic process gets %100 of the total drug value if you double process you will recieve 125% of the drugs value, you can do basic processes at black markets, but the black market will take a cut of your materials. Then yheres cartels, if you dont hold them you have to pay a 15% tax on all drugs sold (except frog drugs).
  6. i cant relate, but it looks fundamentally different
  7. Tbh the events have gotten way easyer since ive joined olympus, i would encourage many smaller to medium gangs to do said heists, you can easily 5 man the bank.
  8. i think prism did one yesterday, and this last weekend i did 3 bank heists.
  9. hes buying you ding dong, he doesent have mk1s to sell to u
  10. this post is over a month old
  11. holy shit 2.5 is mar 10 prices
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