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R&R death locations

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I got my R&R badge this morning and I signed on and someone requested medic revive but I looked on the map and couldn't find the guy so I texted him and wrote in side chat. Where do I look to find their location...thanks in advance captain obvious from lieutenant retard

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Marks will appear on the map in the form of a red box with a black Astrix in the center with their name in red next to that. However when I first signed in I was glitched where I was unable to see any emblems/markers. So your not alone that you couldn't see markers. Just re-log a few times, that's what fixed it for me.

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if they arent on the map it means they respawned.

people can accidentally hit request revive instead of respawn at 0 seconds but then respawn right after (this makes their next death 3 minutes i believe).



but yeah, they get the red symbol + red name on the map at the location they died.

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Also, if you're currently in the process of reviving someone or repairing your car and you look at the map you will not see any markers.  Just wait until you're done with the action and you'll see them again.

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With the upcoming update markers on the map will only appear for those who request a revive. Also being added in will be markers on the map for those who use the emergency EMS text option, making locating requesters much easier to locate. Not sure if Poseidon is also fixing the issue of markers not showing up while repairing or reviving, I suspect this will stay the same unless he changes how the markers are placed.

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