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Question Regarding Player Reports

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So I was attacking a gang with some friends and we engaged properly, yet every single time they died they said it was RDM. This happened at least 3 times, and the third time had me wondering something out of curiosity when it comes to engagements and player reports. Try and follow this scenario: (Sorry if unclear)

I send an engagement text to [Gang]Joe, and he doesn't comply after five seconds. Say the specific member I text doesn't notify the rest of his gang that he was engaged and everyone is oblivious to the fact. Now if I shoot another guy [Gang]John later on in the engagement, to them it looks like they got shot without an engagement, and that's how it would look on the video too. 

That may have been what happened when I was fighting with a gang in Athira, but I don't know if that's what happened or if they're just special. Regardless, if on the video it looks as if they were shot for no reason, how would a mod handle that when reading through their ticket?

Just curious, because I didn't get video of the engagement and I won't be able to put forward a ban appeal if this is what happened.

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if you show in your video that you saw [Gang] Joe and then texted him, you are engaged with any [Gang] member in the vicinity for the next 5 mins. if [Gang] John is in the vicinity(~300m) and within the 5 mins, you can kill him without worry of RDM. but if you text [Gang] Joe in Athira, you are not engaged with [Gang] John hanging out in sofia. You might get banned right away depending on the admin, but if you have your side, they will unban you. though it usually takes 12-36 hours for them to respond to the ban appeal. 



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