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Just upgraded my PC!


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Super stoked to test out ArmA 3 right now.


You guys, I was playing on an ASUS G74s, GAMING LAPTOP before right now.


I had a GTX 560M @ 1GB VRAM with an i7 2670QM @2.2 GHz turbo to 3.1.



I think the only reason I managed 30ish FPS in most places was because I was playing @1360x768 resolution.




Now, I've upgraded to an i5-4460 @3.2GHz(Don't plan to OC which is why I didn't get a K series CPU), I think it turbo's to 3.4? Could be wrong.


And I snagged an MSI R9 280X TWIN FROZR@ 3GB VRAM


This is actually my first PC build, and it was extremely satisfying to see this thing turn on. I'm installing ArmA 3 right now, can't frakkin wait.


I just wanted to share this moment with all of you :D

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It's like a whole new world, right? lol


It really is. I am running everything Ultra, the whole 9 yards of post processing and AA, as well as HBAO


It's INSANE how much different everything looks. It's also given me the framerate I need to aim quickly and precisely, I've been doing a lot better in fights on this rig.


I feel like a kid on christmas right now

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