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Vigi life and its problems.

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First of all I understand, I'm scum. I don't deserve as much respect as the real cops.


This is a feature in the game and I feel it is horribly managed and operated. 


In a common day us vigi's run into RDMers as well as combat loggers. I've never seen so much combat logging until I started playing vigi and with the new patch it kinda sucks.


This game is REBEL favored. All the illegal players get to have fun, make the money, and kill everyone.


Guys look I know it sucks were out looking for you to gain some money on your bounty, possibly your 1m dollars worth of fun. 


There needs to be balance in being a good civ and a bad civ. I see people complain all the time about not enough cops, vigi's are somewhat acting cops.


Please share your opinions.

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i feel at times vigis make the real money more so than the rebels, only because those huge bounties. and if its just one manslaughter usually the cops will let you take them in, and it isnt structured like the cops so you can go and patrol all the cities, not just the one you spawn in. also I do not believe it is the update, i feel it is the free arma for _____ amount of time. After all this server beats the shit outta asylum's server so naturally we get alot of players, most of which fall into the combat logging group only because they are not true to the server as the veterans of the server are... yet :) But I'm yet to combat log on a vig nor a cop, go to jail with 300k bounties and a mk200 on my back no problem. if you get caught, it happens so what? you go to jail for 30 mins and lose some money that you can make back in no time unless you are just a kavala troll

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Eh, best way to fix vigi. Remove it from the game.

Lol, sry kids no fun allowed here.  I played vigi back when cops were huge d-bags and wouldnt allow you in their city.  Still made that bank.  Record, submit, they get atleast a small ban.  Perhaps put in the ticket a comp request for the bounty you missed.

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