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Join us together to find the ever elusive chief of police winters on cop
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  2. We no longer have a need to search for this man. He retired. I propose a going away party.
  3. and question about the donator pack with black swim suit and whatever tier armor and helm they get, maybe its just me but is there some kinda glitch with it? i shot a guy 5 times in face he healed and i shot him again five times in face with 7.62 and i died. does it make there head smaller? my shots not reg? im kinda confused on that never seen that before maybe just unlucky? let me know if anyone else experience this.
  4. i dont know how im gay got into this but im married with a 11 year old .... and tilda abuses the rules way more than i do.. like going vigi then storing it and then hunting someone down seems kinda messed up to me.. or flying planes into sheds, i can go on and on but i heard its in the rules seems like a really broken system on the server ... yall think i abuse the rules kinda funny to any average person on the server to think you can go from cop to civ and not raid ur gangs shed or houses seems really sus to me or dont ever raid a donators house or shed lol.... broken af to me..
  5. profiling a gay member of the community for “combat logging” (pulling out of a sexual situation with a woman before ejaculating) is not cool and NOT 100. Grandma “Head of Tilde” Gary, please see yourself out of this club. You are not representative of our progressive views
  6. I see 10 combat log bans in your ban history, I am disinclined to believe a word out of your mouth ^_^
  7. banned by tilda cause game crashed , and watch leader tilda will take my case lol..... SMH, banned not reduced watch NOT 100, not cool.
  8. sickening staff gang with cheaters
  9. Another one for the collection.. it keeps stacking up.. is there an end to this?

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