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This probably isn't the place to ask this but damn idk where else to go. My Arma is all screwy idk if anyone else is having the same problem, but my favorites are gone, the connecting is now worse than ever, and it wiped my characters, however they still have the same Arma ID's but it's like it just forgot everything and asked me about the tutorial and other general stuff that I don't need. Is that what happens when Arma updates come out or  what did I do wrong? I realize you may not be steam/ Arma experts however I'm sure you know more than me. I just play the game, I don't learn about it 

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I had some problems as well pressing direct chat when processing Imates, reading wanted list outloud would cause direct chat disapear. As far as favorites I have two player profiles just in case one goes bonkers and saves the info. But since I only play Oly i just have filter name Oly and saves for two toons when I want to login. Lag connections issues might be ISP related or if you have a lot of programs open. At this time I tweaked windows seven down to thirty two process's and seems to be fine. When in doubt redownload at night when you go to sleep, what I did and works better if not best.

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