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The cuffs break at 10 minutes

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When restrained and the 10 minute mark comes up and they left you to secure the situation, can we reengage the situation, run away, or should we stay put for the cops to come back. I just want to know the offical rule so i will know because i questioned it last time i got restrained.

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APD also when that timer is up they are to pardon you. But if they have had trouble say being shot at then they are to hold you till the situation is resolved. But like i dont normally agree with re engaging unless necessary it sorta breaks RP and it can be commonly misconstrued as "glitching restraints". If they were to give you a pardon a respectable RP cop will not sieze weapons and let the person leave if there timer was up and they needed pardon. Dont be the guy with the mk200 who got released and opened fired and killed every cop at HQ.

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The only time this is strange is when it's in redzones and the restraints break inbetween waves. The reason I say this is because once all the cops in a wave die, that's a situation neutralized until the cops come back. And technically the restraint timer should start then, because cops probably won't take 10 minutes to return for the next wave.


But that being said, not much could be done about it. I wouldn't report anybody if their restraints broke between waves, because it just seems like kind of an asshole thing to do. If my restraints broke between waves, I probably wouldn't just sit there. I'd RP or something and say I pulled a lockpick from my sleeve and undid them myself.


It is for this purpose that during a wave if I manage to restrain someone and I'm not in immediate danger or under fire, then I'll put someone in a vehicle for their safety. This is assuming I parked my vehicle behind cover or something, I wouldn't put someone in a vehicle in open area unless I thought the situation was over.


But by putting someone in a vehicle, as long as the APD return for the next wave quicker than 10 minutes from when the previous one ended, then it's fine since 10 minutes didn't pass once the situation had been neutralized when the previous wave of cops died.

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yea because yesterday i was in the HQ but they were getting shot at and they went back to the jail and was left there. The 10 mins came up and i walked straight out with no one there and i didnt want to get in trouble when i just didn't know the exact rule.  But thanks for replying so quickly, much appreciated guys.

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