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Kavala square house for sale!

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I'm selling the house right next to DMV in Kavala on Server 2 if anyone wants to buy it (screenshot if you dont know what I'm talking about http://gyazo.com/c903a109ea9e0951c60723a20cfc79a6). I just stored lockpicks and what not in it for easy access but I can't handle Kavala anymore but I have no clue what to sell it for so just make an offer! 

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FYI: Apparently in the "other map update" where Kavala square got a face-lift, that house was deleted to make room for the clothing store or w/e So if the server does revert back to the updated Kavala square map, The house will be deleted. Unless they made a few more changes.


Yeah I was afraid of that, thank you. Any admin that sees this, can you confirm it will be deleted or not?

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