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Hey there....Need a new home

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Hows it going everyone.  Figure i would introduce myself for multiple reasons.  My name is John, but most of my friends and Internet buddies call me GOOVE.  I enjoy a good RP session on top of just random events the most when it comes to Altis Life.


I am a 26 year old 2x Army Veteran. I have a wonderful wife of 5 years now whom has helped me become who i am today!  I will never lie and I DISLIKE STUPID i treat everyone with mutual respect until you give me reason not to.  I was deployed to Afghanistan twice during my time in the Army.  I was an Airborne Engineer.  I love to shoot, i love anything that has to do with firearms, fishing, gaming, cars, and of course PC tech.  I know enough to get myself in and out of trouble with PC hardware but thats about it.  All the Software and Coding is pretty much greek to me.  I am a born again DIRTY DEAD HEAD...I love hippy music festivals and enjoy being a lunatic for a couple weekends out of the year.  I love music and will listen to anything that catches my ear.


I am a founding member of ALF **Altis Liberation Front** we recently decided to move from our old server due to well,........Me getting Perma Banned.  They have one coder over there at GSNgaming and i managed to piss him off.  All of my info is out in the open.  I have never had an RDM or VDM report against me,  I called them out on a couple bad and dirty Admins and they pretty much lost it.  I am done giving them my attention and i would recommend you do not either!


I really look forward to seeing you guys withing the Community and in game!


I stream more than anyone you know i bet :) 8-12 hours daily.



Much love guys and hope to see you around!   :)  Below are some phots for ya <3







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