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Its Billcosbywarfare! shhhhhhhhh silence audience!

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Hey to everyone on the olympus forums i have been playing on this server for a while now just wanted to start using the forums more! Hopefully a few of you guys know me i play as a Officer and also a civ I love playing on server 3 for civ so if anyone sees me and wants to do runs with me feel free to send a message and if im cop obviously i will be stopping crime! Hopefully ill be on the forums more to throw ideas out and help people out! 

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I still miss you from the server one day's... but yeah this is cosby, prob one of the best RP'ers on olympus.

Thanks man means a lot! I'll hop on server one sometimes and I'll make sure I play with you and some of the other guys I had a blast with most of the members so I defs will return and play sometimes! But for as of now I am loving Server 3

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