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Locked R&R Handbook Update 4/18/18

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Chapter IV - Equipment


3. Vehicles

3.1. Medics may only operate civilian and APD ground vehicles to the extent necessary to open roadways or clear spawn points.



Chapter XIII - Communications


6.4. Medics may only report illegal, or suspicious activity they encounter to the APD if direct hostile action is being taken

                towards the medic. However, activity at any federal event location can still be reported at any time.  



*As a side note, senior R&R are working on finding discrepancies revolving around APD/R&R/Civ relations and have taken many suggestions into account.  We will be working closely with Civ Reps and Senior APD to figure out what is the most fun and balanced way to operate moving forward but it will take time. I also find that the Vehicle Interaction and Equipment chapters can probably be reduced down to one chapter. A project for another day as we move into a new chapter and prepare for Summer.

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